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Body Language

Friday Fictioneers – Write a 100-word story based on the Photo Prompt image above by  © Alicia Jamtaas

Body Language

Vaastot and Moya had arrived from Estrada in the Ibreon galaxy. Their mission was to observe life on Earth. This involved morphing into human forms in order to blend in. In their new identities as Meg and Bill, they transferred private alien information by raising a hand and ‘palming’.

Translation…‘My body is weird, Meg. I’ve got three bits I haven’t figured out yet. One has some crazy functions.’

‘Do we get a manual or instructions??’

‘We’ll have to do what the locals do, and Google it. ’

You’re right, being a human is weird.’

‘It is what it is. Don’t fall off. Things will get much weirder if you start to float and glow!’

Thanks for reading

I have edited this story, I think for the better…


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